Top 5 Reasons Why Christmas Lighting Companies Hate to Love Summer

by Mobile Illumination

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As a Christmas Lighting and Décor Company, we have to admit that winter is definitely our favorite time of year. In addition to the fun-filled holiday season and the anticipation of the annual countdown to Christmas, there are so many other things to love about it. Seeing puffy clouds of your breath in the brisk winter air. Sitting in front of a crackling, wood-scented fire sipping hot cocoa on a cold winter day. Sleeping under a warm and cozy duvet. Wearing our favorite thick and wooly sweaters. The list goes on and on.

But this leads us to another confession. As much as we love to love winter, we kind of hate to love summer. Oh sure, summer comes with lots of great perks – time off work and school, family vacations, beach time, barbecues and other outdoor activities and more. But still, there are lots of things about summer we definitely don’t love. Here are just a few.

1. Weddings

Why does everyone decide to get married during the hottest months of the year? They’re just asking for heat stroke by getting all dressed up and dancing at an outdoor reception in the middle of July. No one knows this better than us, because as a professional lighting installation company, we provide lighting for weddings and special events throughout Southern California. But we can’t help feeling a little sorry for the guys wearing tuxedos and ladies in long formal dresses.

2. Unbearable Heat

When we walk outside to the mailbox, we prefer not to melt on the way. Let’s face it, opening the front door of a comfortable, air-conditioned house in summer is like opening the door to a blast furnace. Getting into a hot car that’s been sitting in the sun is even worse. Kind of like being inside that blast furnace with the door closed. And that seatbelt buckle can make for a highly effective branding iron. The overwhelming heat drains us of all energy and initiative. And the profuse sweating ruins our clothes, hair and makeup.

3. Sunburn

With the heat often comes the joys of sunburn. You know the drill: bright red skin, annoyingly persistent burn, and the eventual itching and peeling skin to go with it all. Everyone we know will think it’s funny and be happy to comment that we look like a lobster, but to us it’s just plain miserable. Of course, we should have slathered on some greasy sunscreen, but it’s a little late for that now.

4. TMI

Summer is the time of year when we get to see a little too much of other people. Did we really need to know that you have a tattoo reading “Born to Be Wild” on your back? Or that our neighbor’s moobs are bigger than his wife’s boobs? Or that someone else’s muffin top is threatening to become a full-blown soufflé? I think not. For God’s sake people, cover up. Keep the mystery alive and leave a little something to the imagination. Unfortunately summer seems to be the time of the year when modesty gets thrown out the window, especially when it comes to bikinis. And Speedos? Guys, let’s get one thing straight – NOBODY wants to see you in a Speedo.

5. Tourists and Crowds

People seem to come out of the woodwork when summer arrives. It’s like everyone’s mother told them it’s a beautiful day and they need to go outside and play in the fresh air. Southern California is especially bad because of all the tourists arriving with their annoying questions. “How come you guys don’t have a subway?” “Where are all the movie stars?” And “What time does the beach close?” If you’re planning to go to Disneyland during the summer, maybe bring a copy of “War and Peace” to read while you wait in line. You should be able to finish most of it by the time you gain admittance to a ride.

At Mobile Illumination, we enjoy installing lighting during this time of year, including permanent lighting for outdoor venues like patios and backyards. It’s the type of work that helps to keep us busy during our off-season. As for everything else about summer, we have just one question. How many more days until winter?