Montage Lighting

Year-round decorative lighting for hotels and resorts makes every stay feel like the holidays.

by Mobile Illumination


All good California hoteliers know how important it is to install holiday lighting and decor at their properties during the Christmas season. The holiday season is obviously a peak business time for the hospitality industry, as families take time off from work to travel and visit and celebrate with family and friends. Holiday lighting and decor make a visit to your hotel more memorable for the guest and more likely for them to share their positive experience on Tripadvisor and other hotel review sites.

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If you manage a hotel or resort, you’ll want to take advantage of the increase in business during the Christmas season and attract as many guests as possible. You can make your property stand out in a number of ways, including adding festive lighting to entry ways, driveways and rooflines, installing a well-lit Christmas tree in the lobby, decorating with garlands and wreaths on interior doors and wrapping trees and shrubs with lights outside.

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One local property in particular that really knows how to gain business and P.R. through their annual holiday lighting display is the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in Riverside. Their Annual Festival of Lights celebration is a free, six-week-long holiday extravaganza featuring one of the nation’s largest holiday light collections of its kind. The beloved tradition creates a magical, Disneyland-like experience and attracts more than 250,000 visitors each year. It begins with the famous “Switch-On” Ceremony, a spectacular event in which the castle-like hotel is instantly illuminated with nearly 4.5 million holiday lights, followed by a full fireworks display. Other highlights include more than 400 animated angels, elves and carolers, appearances by Santa Claus, horse-drawn carriage rides, and elaborately decorated Christmas trees in the lobby and throughout the hotel.

That’s all great for the holiday season, but what about the rest of the year, you may ask? Well, has it occurred to you that holiday-style lighting can be equally effective in gaining business for your lodging facilities during non-holiday periods too?

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California hotels and resorts can greatly benefit from keeping some holiday-style lighting up and running all year round. Holiday lights draw the attention of people driving by and create a great first impression for guests upon arrival. This effect is not unique to the holidays – people love seeing fun and creative lighting designs all year long.

Each property calls for its own style of lighting, which is why we feature a large variety of lighting solutions. Here are just a few examples.

LED Uplighting

Uplighting fixtures are installed on the ground pointing upward to wash over featured architecture, palm trees and signage. They can be as simple as one fixture or as elaborate as several fixtures with colored gels. With LED systems you can even use a controller to change colors in sequence to music and brighten or dim as you choose.

Mini Lights

Mini Light strings are classically elegant and ideal for wrapping your property’s bushes, posts and tree trunks. Bulbs may be clear or multi-colored and can be programmed to twinkle, dim, or chase. LED Mini Lights are more efficient than traditional incandescent Mini Lights and can also help you save on electricity. Mini lights can also be used to trim your eaves and rooflines.

Festival Lights

These heavy-duty globe-style string lights are designed to be mounted to a structure or supported by a guide wire. Festival lights are perfect for stringing across your outdoor patios and dining areas, without ever having to worry about weather damage.

At Mobile Illumination, we work with you directly to design a highly personalized lighting display for your hotel or resort. Your design is customized to your property’s specific needs and will be carefully pre-planned by our professional engineers to ensure a beautiful result. It will then be performed by a crew of experienced technicians under the supervision of a specially trained crew chief. We’ll provide all equipment and ongoing maintenance. And we’ll never ask you to purchase or lease materials, giving you the flexibility to change your design in the future.

If you’d like to learn more about what Mobile Illumination can do to help increase guest stays and improve guest satisfaction at your hotel or resort all year round, give us a call today for a free estimate.