3rd Annual Decorated for Service Christmas Giveaway

by Mobile Illumination

The Winner! Mark G. and his family won the the 3rd Annual Decorated for Service Christmas Giveaway. Each year we at Mobile Illumination look forward to seeing the glow on the faces of the winner when they see the lights come on for the very first time. It’s an amazing moment and a great feeling for everyone involved.

In 2016, we met Mark G. and his wonderful family. His wife Corissa, entered Mark in the giveaway thinking “she would never have a chance to win.” That is exactly all she needed, one entry on Facebook and Mark G. was the 2016 Decorated for Service Christmas Giveaway winner. The kids had a great time plugging in the lights and the looks on their faces were priceless when they finally looked up and saw them. “It’s great to have the house light up the street” Mark said, when asked about the result. Plus, “now my favorite thing about Christmas lights is having professionals put them up for me!”

Mark is now the 3rd Annual Decorated for Service Christmas Giveaway winner and well deserved for what he says was “a way of giving back to a country that gave me so much.” For all of us at Mobile Illumination we are so excited and honored to give back in this special way. Just like when we thanked Michael S. and Josh D. in each of the years before, we thank Mark G. for his service and all he has done to help make the world a brighter place.

The 2017 giveaway is already underway and open for entries. So enter now, even if you think you won’t win, like Corissa! You’ll have a chance to experience the feeling of the first reveal and how magical it is. If you or someone you know is active duty military or a veteran Enter Now on Our Website or on our Facebook Page.