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February 27, 2020

Does your home have plenty of curb appeal and is an attractive building? Did you work hard on landscaping the exterior of your home with a lush green lawn, tall trees and pretty flowers? During the day, you have the sun shining bright on your home but what happens when the sun goes down? Your hard work suddenly disappears, opening up the opportunity for burglary and hard-to-see pathways for you and your guests. Make your home look just as fantastic as it does in the daytime by adding a beautiful landscape lighting installation.

Before our team installed the lighting of this property, the homeowner was concerned that no one could see their home in the dark. Having a home that disappeared in the dark gave burglars the opportunity to break in without being seen. In addition, having a dark front yard and backyard meant it was hard for visitors to see where they were going when walking to the front door and around the backyard. It was important to the homeowner to have that safety added to their home so their visitors wouldn’t trip and fall.

We worked with the homeowner to create a plan that would not only brighten the homeowner’s home to add security, but also add safety for the homeowner and their visitors. Once we completed our lighting installation to both the front yard and backyard, the property was completely transformed. See below the 4 lighting techniques we used to brighten this home. 

1. Spotlight Plants

Highlighting your beautiful plants and garden with accent lights will create an inviting atmosphere and provide just the right amount of light to see where you’re going. Accent lights can be used to highlight your trees, bushes, flowers and even walls.

2. Brighten the Driveway

Placing lights along your driveway will make it easier for guests to find your home, but also make it difficult for burglars to gain access undetected. A well-lit home makes it hard for burglars to hide, so adding in lights along your driveway and the front of your home will make them feel unwelcome.

3. Illuminate the Steps

Illuminating every step will provide safety to your home by minimizing tripping accidents in the dark. Adding in step lights will give your visitors a roadmap to get them safely from the road to your door.

4. Highlight the Pathway

Guide your visitors to your favorite hangout spot in your backyard with pathway lights. Pathway lights add excitement to your property and makes it easier for you and your visitors to see. 

Are you looking to brighten your home by adding a beautiful lighting installation? Give us a call today! We offer a FREE week long night demo where you can experience the power of professional landscape lighting. 

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